My partner, Kamilah, and me

So - I'm a 28 year old Chartered Mechanical Engineer, registered with the IMechE. I am engaged, due to be married in August 2020. I live in Derby, UK, with my partner and our two dogs - we have one border collie and one golden retriever.

I'm also a former international lacrosse player, representing Ireland at the 2016 European Championships in Hungary. I'm less involved with Lacrosse these days, but I still play the occasional game. Lacrosse features in a few of my blog posts actually, combining two of my great loves - playing sport and analysing data!

Our dogs Saffie and Pepper

Me playing lacrosse on a particular wet and muddy day...

In my day-job, I currently work for an engine manufacturer in the civil aerospace sector. In my job, I have developed a number of automated data-analysis tools, some which are designed to crunch huge volumes of engine performance data, and some which are designed to be flexible and extensible when working with any format of data. I really enjoy the challenge of breaking down any task into a sequence of steps, working out which ones can be automated, and then delivering a solution where results often take a fraction of the original time.

Results of some analysis of Lacrosse World Cup data, showing correlation between teams winning ground balls and winning games.

Data-analysis is more than just a means to an end for me however - it's a genuine passion of mine. I spend a lot of evenings researching new machine-learning techniques and how to apply them. I enjoy searching for interesting data-sets on Kaggle and seeing what understanding can be generated from them. I also enjoy collecting data about myself at work and at home, and trying to understand what I can learn from that. I got given a FitBit as a present one year, and I'm loving it! I have a couple of blog posts about analysis of my FitBit data, if you are interested.

That's why I have decided to set up CT software. I find my work is made so much easier by automating the boring stuff, allowing me to spend more time on the work that matters. However, I know how difficult it was to get to grips with coding and software development, so I'm looking to help ease people into it by offering lightweight products and training for small-medium businesses at a significantly lower price than any of the major providers.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch at if you would like to know anything further.