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  • 32 year-old software engineer based near London, UK. Currently working remotely full-time.
  • Formerly a chartered engineer (IMechE) at Rolls-Royce in Derby, UK.
  • Pragmatic, not perfect. Delivery-focussed - delivering a good product today is better than delivering a perfect product never.
  • Self-motivated, hard-working and great attention to detail. Firmly believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right.
    • And by extension, that anything not worth doing right is not worth doing.

  • Commitment to Quality: Personally dislike delivering work to a low standard - usually comes back to bite you. I hope this commitment to quality shows in this website.
  • Organisation: Extremely well-organised. I maintain a personal "To-do" list with active tasks tagged and prioritised. Time can be booked to tasks and delivery monitored. I regularly analyse personal task Earned Value Analysis to determine my cost / delivery performance.
  • Understanding what is important: Adept at reading between the lines of formal specification to really understand what is required. Believe it is always important to 'think like the customer'.
  • Delivery: You can't sell 95% of an iPhone. I understand the importance of delivery in a production-ready state, and have a track record of doing so. My internal software tools developed for a previous employer received thousands of hits monthly from multiple sites all across the globe and became the corporate standard for data-quality.
  • Data Analysis: Highly proficient with many generic analysis tools (Excel / VBA, Python, Matlab, SQL). Also keeping up-to-date with cutting edge analysis techniques in Machine-Learning / Deep-Learning fields.

  • Software Engineer at ComplyAdvantage (Jul-2021 to Sep-2023)
    • Secured a dream job at a FinTech as a Software Engineer. Quickly realised how much I had to learn about cloud-native SaaS development. Very different from development on Desktop platforms at a large multi-national corporation, as was my experience at Rolls-Royce.
    • Gained production experience with Kubernetes, Django, Kafka, AWS and more. Also gained experience of on-call support for our 24/7 service model.
    • As the company grew and its senior leaders played musical chairs, the company changed from being empowered teams to a more typical corporate top-down structure. This, coupled with what I felt were increasingly unreasonable requests to 'do the minimum' and an increase in spending time tracking work in JIRA while reducing time spent actually fixing problems, led to me exploring other opportunities.
  • Software Developer at Rolls-Royce (Jun-2018 to Jun-2021)
    • Moved to another Rolls-Royce department to focus on software development. Developed a flight-analysis tool that was proven to be more robust than the corporate flight-counting methods, and became the defacto standard. This tool later underpinned the company's strategic lifing efforts.
    • Became acting team-lead for a cross-business effort to investigate a novel method of component deterioration. Applied machine-learning techniques to calibrate theoretical methods against rig-test data and in-service observations.
    • Recognised as a subject matter expert on a number of topics in my business area. Provided consultation support for others in their work and also supported the on-boarding and mentoring of junior colleagues, including mentoring young engineers through the IMechE Chartership programme.
  • Data Scientist at Rolls-Royce (Apr-2015 to Jun-2018)
    • In-service performance analyst for Trent XWB-84 fleet. Established the relationship between weather conditions and anomalous engine performance, extending time on-wing and saving an estimated $200M. Headhunted to support an active safety investigation, helping to avoid grounding the fleet and saving $1M+ per day if fleet was to be grounded.
    • Also administrated the engine performance database. Set up data-warehousing to automate regular reports required by users of the database. Improved query performance over 100x on some tables by reconfiguring indexes.
    • Also developed a number of in-house analysis tools, primarily in Excel / Matlab.
  • Graduate Trainee
    Rolls-Royce (Sep-2013 to Apr-2015)
    • Joined Rolls-Royce in September 2013 on their Professional Excellence Development Programme. Rotations included: Lifecycle Management, Transient Performance, Metrology, Turbines Lifing.

  • Chartered Engineer: IMechE, Jan-2019.
  • 2:1 MEng (Hons), Aeronautical Engineering: Loughborough University, Jul-2013.
  • I have also completed around 30 Udemy courses on data-science / web-development / finance fundamentals. I find that the more I learn, the faster and easier I pick up new concepts.

  • 2017: Named Timperley Lacrosse "Players' Player of the Year".
  • 2016: Named in the Ireland Lacrosse national team to compete at the 2016 European Championships in Hungary.
  • 2015: Elected as President of the Birmingham City Lacrosse Club for the 2015-16 season.
  • 2013: Named Loughborough University Lacrosse Club's "Captain's Player of the Year".
  • 2013: Loughborough University Lacrosse Club finished second in the Northern Premiership BUCS league and runners-up in the BUCS championship, which remain their highest-ever positions.
  • 2011: Elected as Treasurer of the Loughborough University Students Lacrosse Club.
  • 2009: Appointed captain of Carryduff Senior Hurling team, while being the youngest player (aged 18).
  • Update 2023: Quite sad to be updating this and realising that I have no major extra-curricular achievements since 2017 🥲 In fairness, my recent achievements more include "being able to afford a mortgage on a property near London" and "securing my dream job in tech".

  • Sports: I follow many sports, to various degrees. I am a Liverpool FC fan and I played lacrosse for many years, with some notable successes. Recently, some injuries have made me prioritise other aspects of health & fitness.
  • Hiking: I really enjoy going for a hike up a mountain with my partner and/or our two dogs. I completed the UK Three Peaks challenge in 23hrs 11mins in 2018.
  • Coding: I genuinely enjoy coding, and spend most of my evenings writing code in one format or another. I run websites for my family's various small businesses, and I wrote this website from the ground up. I love the challenge of wrestling messy data into a reuseable format and then crunching the numbers.

Don't practise until you can get it right - practise until you can't get it wrong.


The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Chinese Proverb

Make it correct, make it clear, make it quick - in that order.

Wes Dyer

Weeks of coding can save you hours of planning.


If it doesn't work, it doesn't matter how fast it doesn't work.

Mich Ravera

Testing can only show the presence, not the absence, of bugs.

Edsger W Djikstra

A user-interface should be so simple that a beginner in an emergency can understand it within 10 seconds.

Ted Nelson

Debugging is like being the detective in a crime movie where you are also the murderer.

Filipe Fortes

There are only two hard things in computer science - cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors.

Martin Fowler