Privacy Policy

  • This website does not use cookies. Therefore, as far as I understand it, I do not need to display a cookie-consent banner.
  • No personally-identifiable information is recorded.
    • Within any apps that offer user-input, any information volunteered is totally optional.
  • This site does have some basic custom analytics. It records things like which pages have been visited and if a drop-down menu is used, which item is selected. The main reason for this is to help me understand which topics are most popular (if I ever get around to looking at the data...).
  • IP addresses are monitored for purposes of security and fair-usage.
  • Every user to the site gets assigned an anonymous session ID which can be used to link different actions together e.g. to see how many people view the Blogs page after viewing the CV page.
    • Again - there is no way to learn any personal information from these anonymous IDs.
  • The site currently has no mailing list and no personalised accounts. Rest assured that if they are implemented in the future, they will be done so in accordance with industry best-practices around security and privacy.

Although I don't think it applies as this site captures no personal data, I still encourage all visitors to be aware of their rights under GDPR legislation.

If you believe my interpretation of GDPR is incorrect, please get in touch at the first instance using this link.